Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Speech Coach for Professionals: Overcoming Speaking Fears and Hesitancies

Speech Coach for Professionals:  Overcoming Speaking Fears and Hesitancies

Most if not all of us are concerned about the way we speak.  However there are many today who have speaking fears and hestancies that prevent them from moving forward with their dreams and desires that include relationships, business and family interactions.  

Overcoming Speaking Fears and Hesitancies
You Can Overcome
Speaking Fears and hesitancies
Overcoming speaking fears and hesitancies is a major relief for many persons and business people.  Speaking in front of others whether just a few, or a large audience is a skill that is a prerequisite for many business and professionals today.

There are literally thousands of people all around the globe who would like to overcome speaking fears and hesitancies.  They are limited in what they can achieve due to the desire to avoid speaking with and in from of others.

Attached below is a link which includes a gentleman I met a year ago.  In this video a year has gone by, and here is a short interview of what he is like now.  

Encouraging and taking an interest in his success helped him overcome speaking hesitancies and fears.  Taking a sincere interest and challenging him to do what he feared helped him overcome speaking fears and hesitancies.  Other strategies are available to help overcome speaking fears and hesitancies.  

 Now he is contantly overcoming speaking fears and hesitancies every time he chooses to make videos and speak in from of professional groups, Chamber of Commerce functions, and various civic and fraternal organizations.  
Contact us today for more information about speech coaching for overcoming speaking fears and hesitancies.  Mark is a speech langauge pathologist who has been practicing for over 40 years helping business people and others speak with clarity.

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