Monday, August 14, 2017

Vocal Hoarseness and Glottal Fry: Common Causes and Voice Therapy

Speech Coach For Professionals: Vocal Hoarseness and Glottal Fry Common Causes and Voice Therapy

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Speaking in a horse voice can be Harmful
Vocal hoarseness and glottal fry when prolonged can be very harmful to the vocal cords.  There are common causes and voice therapy is frequently necessary.  Many men and women today want to speak in a voice that sounds low and raspy, but it can have serious consequences.

Speaking in a hoarse voice especially towards the ends of phrases and sentences is called glottal fry.  It was coined a fry
since the voice can sound like bacon frying when the pitch of the voice is too low.  

Many speakers today suffer from glottal fry and it is becoming increasing common in women.  Many do not know that speaking in a hoarse voice with glottal fry can be harmful to the vocal cords if it becomes a habit.  

Common Causes and Voice Therapy

When one speaks at a pitch which is below their natural or habitual pitch, the voice starts sounding raspy and hoarse. The vocal cords do not operate well when the pitch goes below its optimal level.  This causes the vocal cords to vibrate in a way that is out of phase (like a car motor that is not tuned up).  If the vocal fry becomes a habit, the vocal cords can develop growths called vocal nodules or polyps.

Glottal Fry Voice Therapy

Vocal Fry is often corrected by teaching those with vocal fry and hoarseness how to breathe better to support the voice and resetting the pitch of the voice to what we call the optimum pitch, so that it sounds normal and healthy; not tired or ill.   At optimum pitch the voice is typically clear, and the vocal cords are vibrating in-synch.  This will then lessen the possibility of vocal cord pathology.  (growths).  An expert voice therapist can also identify any abuses the individual may be doing that may contribute to the cause and develop a plan to show each person how to stop the abuses.

Let’s get rid of the tired voices that characterize glottal fry and replace them with healthy and vibrant ones.

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